Be better than the competition: With a suitable software solution for your business processes.

ConSystems develops customized, web-based solutions which are perfectly matched to the information management and all communication processes within your company. Our target is to combine information from a wide variety of sources and any applications in one web solution which provides it in a structured form to the respective addressees. This means that you and your staff provide unique opportunities for cooperation, coupled with a flexible, location-independent and secure data access.

Increase efficiency / reduce costs
Increase quality and processing speed
Reduce processing errors and potential for fraud
Auditable data archiving
Extremely fast amortisation

ERP, ECM/DMS, BI, MES, CRM, SharePoint, .NET, Java, PHP, Aris, EPK, Value Stream Mapping, 6-Sigma, Muda

Experience the competitive advantage through focused process automation in cost efficiency and process reliability.